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How We Work

At the outset we always suggest our clients to gather all the information along with some reference shots for a brief – as we require to know everything about the Dishes/ Products to be shot and the objective/ usage of the final photographs. This will determine the type of photography, photo-shoot timings, settings, props, preparation etc. required.


Based on this information, we share a formal quotation with you for the various formats that we have namely ‘Photo-shoot only’ and ‘Complete Photo-shoot Project’ (Photography, Interior Decoration, Fashion/ Props/ Creative/ Food Styling, Special Equipment and Location). We also suggest the Clients to share some of the samples of similar work performed earlier to understand the look and feel, this may or may not be an exact match to what you are looking for because each assignment is unique and no two photographs are the same. When the quotation is approved, we then move on to having a meeting with the Mkt Head/ PR Team/ Creative Director/ Art Director/ Chef along with Food/ Creative/ Props Stylist to discuss the finer details of the Ad Campaign/ Exact Dishes/ Food/ Dishware/ Product and their preparation, which enables us to make a list of location, props, suggested garnishes and other material required for the food shoot.


What is the budget in hand?

Costing is a very complex matter. The cost varies according to the needs and complexity of the photo-shoot. The costing charge of a photo-shoot (of food or food with lifestyle) depends on the level of production and the amount of time involved in completing the project. Being realistic and up front with a comfortable budget makes it easier for all concerned and puts a proper perspective on what can be done for your job.



We can’t say that good food photography is cheap. It is however noteworthy that bad food photography is expensive. Why? The image have to lean on your visual sense only, leaving out the important ones like taste, smell and touch.  To that end, that shot has to look tasty enough to make you want to eat it. When you look at good food shot, more than being beautiful, it should make you salivate.


First and foremost, more than just price, do you like the kind of work you see here? Many say they shoot food but understanding food, camera angle and lighting, to make it look tasty is more than just taking a picture. There is a thin line between food that looks real and looks fake. It's that line that makes the food look tasty and makes you hungry. That's where we want to be.


How many food shots:

In a given day, depending on the type of food and how well coordinated the shoot is, can determine that. In general, 6-8 is a good day, provided there are no complications. Understood that within that number, various angles and rearranging props are given, to give you more final choices. If you're working with a food stylist, how fast they can work will affect the outcome.


Will you need a food stylist?

Depending on the shoot, a prop/ food stylist would be hired to create setup with props for the shoot. There is always a Food Stylist "on set" or a Chef (basically the food developer), who is a better person to make food look good in front of the camera as well as for customers. We usually work with Food Stylist/ Chef and Marketing Head or at times, it just may be the Chef, Client & Us. A good stylist can translate food into what you want to rightly portray. So it's quite a team effort.


Our larger food clients always have a budget for a professional food/ props stylist, and we have learned a lot from these food/ creative artists over the years. The food stylist creates the “Hero” plate and often helps arrange props on the table, so that we can concentrate on our photography. However, many other clients do not have the budget for a stylist, and so our "HIDDEN" (Styling) skills are called upon.


Though we work with several stylists and will give you a few to look at, we have no issues working with any props/ food stylist hired by the client or agency.


Where? Studio or location??

Most food can travel to studio but with exceptions, that’s why we prefer to shoot at locations

/ Commissary (with our Portable-Studio facility), as it has advantages of a lot of fresh products at hand, a wanted atmosphere and surroundings and personnel all in one place.


In general we need around an A.C. area approx. 12'x15' of space for lights and backdrops, not in the middle of traffic or in front of doorways!!


Scheduling and Contact Information:

Please contact us 5 days prior to the shooting schedule. Next day shoots are challenging to fulfill, so we may not be able to accommodate you at such short notice.

You may contact us at: Email:, Call: +919871045333.

(please allow a 24 hour turn-around for e-mails).


Email or call us with your need and we will be more than happy to work with you.

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